MSI X-Slim Series X320
MSI has unveiled its new ultra-slim 13" MSI X-Slim Series X320 notebook for the first time at this 2009's CES. With a maximum thickness of about 1.98 cm and just 6mm thick in parts, it's even thinner than a packet of tissues! As it's also the first ultra-slim notebook in the world to be equipped with the latest 16:9 LED display, the X-Slim Series X320 is set to become MSI's power seller for 2009!

In response to the consumer's demand towards lighter and thinner notebooks, MSI is now releasing the all-new X-Slim range that is designed to challenge the limits of ultra-slim notebook technology by being "extremely light, extremely thin, and absolutely stunning". The first of the new X-Slim series from MSI will be the X320 ultra-slim notebook. Equipped with Intel's latest Menlow mobile processing platform and a 13.4" LCD in the golden 16:9 ratio, the entire system weighs only about 1.3kg.

The X320 is not just light, but "thin" as well. The entire machine has a thickness of about 1.98cm and is just 6mm in some parts, making it thinner than a packet of tissues! The X320 also comes with MSI's proprietary ECO Engine energy-saving technology and specially designed hardware circuitry to minimize power consumption. The result is an environmentally friendly notebook that delivers longer battery life than other machines in its class!